April Dinner meeting

These are not the minutes – just notes…

Dinner was served at about 7:10 pm. We ate ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, corn, salad and rolls. The deserts provided by the Vintage ladies were excellent (my favorite was the eclair cake). Harvey thanked Sandra King for cooking tonight.

We had 29 members and visitors present. We had 1 visitor from Ohio.

Past Potentates, Bill Cianciola and Sid Massey and their wives were here. Harvey thanked our Widows for being here and helping with everything.

Nick gave the report on sickness and distress.
Lila Milford had an aneurism last February, and she is still improving – she was able to feed herself a little bit recently, but she no longer remembers things like her home.
Nick’s wife Gwen is going down hill and has been diagnosed with diabetes and she is losing her short term memory.
• Harvey asked us to think of Paul Lanning who went home with a pulled muscle before dinner.
Dave Eunice mentioned that Jan McBurney is going through chemo therapy and that he (himself) is going to be starting chemo shortly.
Harvey reported that he hurt himself (ribs) falling into his recycling last Wednesday. Linda Hook is going to have hip replacement on the 23rd.

Harvey talked about the fencing that still needs to be redone the posts that were bought aren’t designed the same as the fencing we have. The will be looking further into it.

Treasurer is not here – so no report. Harvey missed the board meeting, he was driving. The other board members approved the creation of this website. Someone corresponded with Paul about purchasing another piece of property (3.2 acres off Howland Blvd) owned by the Shrine Club. The board would like for the roof to be inspected because it is 25 years old. David suggested we talk to Clark Roofing and Hopten Roofing in Lake Mary is also a good roofer.

Harvey mentioned the need for a picnic on the other property and thanked the DeMolay for mowing a week or so ago. He suggested that if anyone knows youth between ages 11 and 20 the masonic youth organizations would love to have them. He invited everyone to join Eastern Star (he will be at Grand Chapter next week). He also recently visited the Grand Worthy Advisor’s homecoming at St. Johns Lodge.

Bahia Shrine meeting was attended recently, they are working on the Shrine Circus. Each Circus has 2 honorees and one of our ladies has been designated. Ellie Massey will be the first ever Shrine Lady honored. Bahia Shrine is looking for a Shrine Circus Organizer to apprentice under the current Organizer so he can retire. Our club has voted to give a bicycle to the circus. There are also couple Bahia Shrine raffles going, and at least one will let you buy tickets online. Don’t forget –Casino Night is in Oct and Sid has tickets to sell.

The Noble Truckers have their breakfast on the 1st Thursday at Dennys. Harvey ate too many pancakes this month. David recognized Steve, Betty Schroeder, Dixie, Nick and any other Noble Truckers for their dedication. Twice David has announced a need for help and both times another Shriner from the club has stepped up. These kids need our help and we need to applaud those who started the Noble truckers and we need to keep it going.