Notes from Sept. 9, 2019

These are not minutes – just notes.

Dinner was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, salad and rolls.

We were blessed with several Past Potentates, and their ladies. We were visited by the firemen due to a grease fire in the oven (small and out before they arrived).

It’s been a while, we were dark in July and August, but had a board meeting at the end of August. Noble Claude’s wife Chris is in the hospital with a blood clot.

August board meeting we talked about the Shrine, Rentals, Noble Truckers – Denny’s breakfast 1st Thursday, we also talked about Bingo (we have a Bingo machine). We voted to replace the AED battery for about $400.

Noble Nick spoke about sickness and health. Noble David and Lila M – she is still dealing with left side paralysis and has memory issues. David developed cancer and went through chemo. He is recovering. Nick and some of the other club members have been meeting at Dunkin Donuts to visit. David occasionally shows up to visit. Noble Nick’s wife Gwen is also having issues with her memory so Nick has taken over the housekeeping and grocery shopping. Please keep everyone in your prayers.

The Tampa Shriner’s Hospital for Children is now the Shriner’s Health Care for Children Florida. Noble Peter Daez is going to be speaking on the 3rd Thursday at lunch at Bahia Shrine if anyone wants more info.

Noble Harvey thanked the ladies for bringing deserts. Noble Paul gave a treasurers report. He discussed a 3-acre lot we own in Deltona on Howland. The county is going to put in an easement along Howland and pay us for that, but we don’t know how much. Noble Ed is going to review the legalities and we will also be researching the value of this commercially zoned property.

Noble Nick wants to train someone new to takeover the popcorn maker at our meetings. Noble Brian spoke about the Shrine meeting on the first Thursday. The meeting was very well attended and Brian encouraged everyone to go to the meetings and learn firsthand what Bahia Shrine is up to.

We did not hold a 50/50 today, but we will do the club lotto after the meeting.

Illustrious Sir Sid Massey spoke about tickets for the Casino night on Oct. 5th – Country Western themed Casino Night. He listed all the things you receive in addition to 2 tickets for $50. Please get with him form more information. They are also still accepting for the Silent Auction.

Our next dinner will be a chili cook off. If you bring a pot of chili you eat free, otherwise it is $8

The RV club has a Raffle going and there are less than 500 tickets 1 for 10 or 3 for 25. The motorcycle unit is doing their annual Low Boil

Next year there will not be a Shrine Circus in our area, but there will be a marathon and several other new fundraisers.

We closed with a prayer by Noble Nick.